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Voice trainer for marketing and negotiation skills practice.

Improves qualification of manager without trainers and business instructors.

Engage in a conversation with the SkyTrainer robot and experience the benefits of the service right now.
After submitting your request, you will be provided with an approximate client handling script to test the robot.
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Our products successfully being used by

100% Simulation of Negotiations with Real Clients

Robot cannot be distinguished from a human (emotions, voice, behavior)

So training doesn’t get boring throughout the day

One conversation with the robot is equal to the conversation with the client

So the skill is developed without burning the base of leads

Platform gives recommendations to employee as an experienced mentor

So managers don’t waste time monitoring them

Recordings of Conversations with the Robot:

We solve business problems from different areas:

Banks, Telecom, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medicine, Network retail, etc


30% of working time

being spent by experienced companies on mentoring

It takes from 2 to 12 months

to train an effective manager

Intern turnover is ~30%

on probation because of high level of stress


Skytrainer automates

sales training and frees up the lead time

Halves the period of time

before reaching performance target

Reduce staff turnover by 30%

by optimizing training and reducing level of stress

Learn how Skytrainer will help your business

Look at your sales department performance

Calculate its efficiency based on real cases

Show how our product works

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Alexey Balakirev

How Skytrainer works


You choose the script from our free catalog or give us yours to make


We voice the robot and embed the script into the platform


Your employees speak with robot practicing client reactions and objections

Data analysis

Platform analyses the training data and gives recommendations to improve negotiations quality


Your supervisor can control training process in real time

As a result, you get:

Sales increase by 25%

by improving sales skills and product knowledge

Reduce losses from trainee departure by 30%

by increasing the speed of training and achieving the result

  • No mentors
  • No business trainers
  • Save your personal time
Wide Range of Capabilities and Adaptation to Business Processes
Negotiation Simulation
  • Simulation of phone calls, video negotiations, and chat conversations
  • 3 training modes, linear and non-linear scenarios
  • Script Builder (ability to make edits to the script)
  • Ability to modify the scenario
  • Ability to add variation to the scenario
  • Ability to add synonyms to the user responses
  • Ability to simulate working with a knowledge base in the dialogue
Client Robot Builder
  • Ability to set the percentage of script compliance for interpreting phrases in one's own words
  • Ability to set training time, training schedule, and number of exams
  • Ability to set random objections during the dialogue
  • Ability to set the robot's mood (aggressive or open), the robot changes intonations during the dialogue depending on the user's behavior
  • Ability to assign the course to a specific user or group of users
Recommendation and Reporting System
  • User's Voice Analysis
  • Analysis of errors during the dialogue and provision of recommendations
  • Training Schedule Analysis
  • Individual reporting system for each training session
  • Ability to listen to dialogues
  • Monitoring user's performance dynamics

Convenient to work
on any device

The platform is available on web-version, IOS and Android

Platform works
as if it is an experienced mentor

It analyses the training data and gives recommendations to improve the quality of negotiations

Modular platform structure

Platform can be flexibly configured for you purposes s you can use the only needed functional

Script catalog
for 50 business niches

You can use pre-made scripts or order the development of an individual script

Service packages:

We have several tariff plans for different commercial departments sizes


1 month of access to Skytrainer platform

50 hours of training

10 people

1 script

24/7 technical support

27 000 rub.


Benefit projections:

Savings on staff outflow

≈ 150K rub

Increase in revenue

≈ 1M rub


2 months of access to Skytrainer platform

150 hours of training

25 people

3 scripts

24/7 technical support

57 000 rub


Benefit projections:

Savings on staff outflow

≈ 375K rub

Increase in revenue

≈ 2.5M rub


3 months of access to Skytrainer platform

300 hours of training

50 people

5 scripts

24/7 technical support

108 000 р.


Benefit projections:

Savings on staff outflow

≈ 750K rub

Increase in revenue

≈ 5M rub

About us in mass media:


Get a Demonstration of SkyTrainer's Capabilities We will

Show the interface and functionality of the simulator.

Demonstrate a scenario of a manager's work.

Answer any questions you may have.

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Ilya Vsevolodov
Head of Sales Department

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